We all have incredible power to influence how we feel. In order to experience high levels of energy, we must know what our daily essential needs are. Like how much water you need, what types of food you body thrives on, how much and how often you need to eat. How can you get the best 8 hours of sleep a night? Learn simple ways to recharge your body and mind daily. To learn this, just start a journal and make notes how you feel after eating, when your energy crash, ask yourself if you are experiencing low blood sugar, or you are dehydrated. Maybe your thoughts are negative? Therefore creating worries and fear, which can totally rob your energy.

We are energy generators, and as long as we keep feeding our body the right the of fuel and stimulating our brains with creative work and projects,  learn new things, plus recovering, our bodies keep going in full potential. We are wired to thrive and not to just survive. If you feel tired a lot, have energy crashes in the afternoon, can’t sleep well for 7-8 hours, can’t find the energy to work out hard, you need to ask yourself few questions about your needs. Here are then 6 foundation principles of health and energy:

– Thoughts

– Breath

– Water

– Food

– Sleep/rest

– Movement/exercise

On my short video, I share more details about how to tap into these 6 principles to maximize your vitality every day for high levels of productivity and creativity.

Peace and love, Alex.


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