I have been doing lifestyle coaching for over 3 years now and I have learned a lot about the challenges that keep people from growing or achieving what they want. A lot of people come to me searching for more more vitality, more happiness in their lives or a stronger body. The foundation of my coaching is the same no matter what you are looking for:

  • Energy  – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual
  • Mindset – thoughts and beliefs congruent with your desires and goals
  • Lifestyle  – creating daily habits and behaviors that align with your vision/goals.

Working on those 3 areas is a process that involves deep desire, commitment and daily discipline.

I have found that the Mindset part is the biggest one in helping my clients to overcome challenges and break barriers in order to progress. These barriers are usually their self limiting beliefs. For example: one might say – ” I want to create a happy relationship with someone, I want to experience deep love.” That is the conscious mind desire, a goal, a dream. Then the subconscious mind that stores old beliefs might say: “Love hurts” , “Relationships are hard”, “I don’t want to open my heart entirely, so I won’t get hurt.” These self limiting beliefs are dangerous. They carry enough charge, energy to keep that person from having what they want the most. That is why mindset is a very strong area of my coaching.

Success is directly related to what we think all the time. 

So how do we amplify our health, fitness, finances, relationships or career? Number one, a Desire must be defined – what is it that you want? . Second, the Why must be explained –  you need to understand deeply why that goal is so important to you and what difference will make in your life and in the life of others. And third, work with a coach or with yourself doing deep self inquiring and find all the possible Self-limiting beliefs you might have about this specific area or goal that you desire. Once you find them, you need to replace them by new beliefs that are Dream Affirmative. If you said, “I don’t have self limiting beliefs” – then why you have not achieved that goal yet?

Here is an example. In the case of “Love hurts” belief – replace by “Love is beautiful and worthy the challenges that it might bring.” This is true and positive. It creates expansion, openness to actually attract love, it feeds courage . It is Growth. The opposite of that is Protection which inhibits our ability to truly experience life to its fullest and does not create a attraction force. Imagine all of us walking around with the fear of breaking our hearts – we would never experience that power and growth that love brings to our lives.

This is a framework that you can use for any area of your life – define the negative beliefs and reframe with new ones that serves you and your goal or dream. Stop having this push-pull force inside you that will keep you away from getting what you want.

Plus, there is an energy cost when you are protecting yourself from pain, hurt and life’s disappointments. It takes a lot of energy to avoid something because you will be constantly thinking about what can go wrong instead of what possibilities will open for you. Use the energy to move towards what you are looking for and be brave – take the risk! This is the process that makes life rich. Life is a risk, life can change in a matter of seconds. Accepting life risks is a must have attitude if you want a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. 

Want to hear more about this topic? Watch my latest video, in only 8 minutes I explain how we can not live in a state of growth and protection at the same time.

Much love and peace, Alex.

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