Be careful with your stories, they trick you. 

If you are going through a period in your life right now that you need to decide if it is time to quit a job, a project or an business adventure or even let someone in your life go, you might be experiencing some decision fatigue. I was just there this past weekend, it mentally and physically exhausted me. 

Decision fatigue is a term used by psychologists to describe the deterioration or depletion of mental energy after long hours of decision making. Therefore, focus on one decision at the time, otherwise you will end up making poor decisions that will bring you stress and poor results.

As high achievers, business leaders or entrepreneurs  we must protect our energy at all costs. This is why when I get hired by companies to teach Stress management classes, I spend the first hour talking just about Energy Management strategies.

On my previous blog, I mentioned the fears that live underneath “quitting”, specially if you grew up learning that you don’t quit ever or “you never give up”. These are common lessons that many of us learned, and they are great ones.

We must ALWAYS question our own beliefs in times of decisions. For the purpose of this blog, I will call those beliefs stories, stories that we tell ourselves all day long to convince us that we are doing the right thing. In times of big decisions we need to be very aware of the stories our mind is telling us. Aware because that voice behind can be coming from our Ego that constantly seeks control, security, power and familiarity or that voice can be coming from our inner guidance system, you might call it intuition, gut feeling, God or simply your inner intelligence. Many times it is not an easy task to determine who is talking. I am going to share with you 3 psychological tools that I use for myself and for my clients that will help you to choose between quit, don’t quit or maybe is a “just not yet”.

#1 – Get clear about what you want, about your vision. Don’t complicate it, what is ONE thing you really want to achieve?

#2 – Define with full clarity and conviction what you core values.

#3 – What are the trade-offs? Can you handle them without killing your creativity, healthy and happiness?

After defining these answers, find what aligns with them the most – quit X don’t quit X not yet.

Peace and love, Alex.


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