Why some people thrive in stress and others barely survive?

Why some people have a vibrant health and great energy no matter how much is going on on in their lives?

What is the difference?

You might say genetics, they have help, their situation is not that bad, they are “super heroes”…


They simply perceive stress differently.

One of the themes of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) is that “perception is interpretation”. In other words, the way we see the world directly influences our thoughts and emotions.

I bet you experience this theme every day.

Take the weather as an example. It is snowing, gloomy out and you might say “I hate this weather” and another will say “I love the dark and the moisture of the snow”.

Let me point an example that is more typical of what I see every day in my work, MONEY.

I have clients who have a great relationship with money, money is never a stress for them. Not because of how much they have, money is simply not a stress because what they perceive about money, it is positive or neutral.

On the other hand, I have clients that are constantly stressed about money, no matter how much they have.

Is money the problem? Nope! The THOUGHTS about money are the problem. The association we make about money is the problem.

Think association as a picture that we all hold in our minds when we think, see or talk about anything.

When I say MONEY, what do you first see or feel? Do you feel abundant or scarce, feel contraction in the body, or expansion? Do you want to learn more about money, or want to avoid any topic of money because money is stressful for you?

What thoughts and beliefs do you associate with money? Are they positive? Negative?

I am giving you some examples for you to play with, so you get the point I am about to make.

What we blame as our stress in life is not really true. We blame money and yet, want to have plenty, we blame relationships and we want love so bad.

We create this push and pull energy that becomes stress itself. We blame our situation or someone for our stress.

When we do that we GIVE UP OUR POWER. We are saying “money has my power”, “that person has my power”, “my weight has my power” or “the government has my power’.

Basically we say I AM POWERLESS. Which is the biggest lie.

Shit happens, life is unfair at times and how we respond to the challenges determines how much stress we allow in our mind and body.

How do you feel right now? Seriously. Pause reading, take a deep breath and answer this question to yourself – How do I (truly) feel?

Seriously, PAUSE and FEEL. Be in your body, enter inside your temple. Be there for a minute. You don’t need to check your facebook right now.

If you get an answer related to stress like I feel overwhelmed, anxious, uncomfortable, depressed, frustrated, scared, worried ask the next question:

What is my mind doing that makes me feel this way?

What thoughts and patterns is my mind presenting that makes me feel stressed out? That makes me feel I am running on survival mode?

Great job, you just took the first BIG step of transforming your life – AWARENESS.

This simple exercise will help you to start uncovering the stress, to see what is underneath and what keeps you stuck or addicted to that state.

We can not change what we don’t know. So awareness is a requisite to change.

Our mission in life should not ever be to live without stress. A happy life is not a stress free life. A happy life is a life that we pursue goals that are meaningful to us, that are in full congruence with our values and vision.

And that brings challenges, stress. The challenges makes us grow, evolve and take us closer to achieving our goals.

You can have challenges and never feel stressed out for more than few minutes. That is what stress is suppose to be lived for, only few minutes. If stress lives in our bodies for much longer than that like days, weeks, months, years, that is chronic stress. That is the one that kills, that causes weight gain, heart disease, stroke, auto immune disease and even cancer.

The constant release of stress hormones in the body become poison.

We are not doomed though. We have TOTAL control of how much stress we allow in our bodies, I mean 100%.

This is not my opinion. This is science, and this is my own life experience.

I used to be a stress case. Angry, frustrated, unhappy. I was never in peace, never present.

I totally changed my well being, my state and I am a much happier person. And if I did, you can do as well. This is Fitness, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness. It takes consistent work, and it gets easier as you do more, just like exercising.

I still feel angry, sad, fearful like anyone. And I don’t stay on those emotions for too long.

This is a fact: our thoughts create feelings, feelings create thoughts.

MASTER YOUR THOUGHTS. That is a mastery in life that we all need to work on.

So what thoughts are stressing you out?

If you want to learn fast and effective ways to shift your thoughts so you move from survival to thrive, come in and let’s have a breakthrough session. In 7 hours we will address the root of those thoughts, beliefs and eliminate them by using Mental and Emotional Release ®. We will set your goals and get clarity on your values and vision, so you know what actions to take every day and they become effortless . You will learn tools that you can use daily to start conditioning your mind to think in alignment with your goals, with the life you want to create.

Change does not take a long time to happen, change happens in one decision you make. Time to say NO MORE? ENOUGH?

Peace and love, Alex.

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