Sara Kosick, MNT CSCS

As a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Master Nutrition Therapist, Sara Kosick is able to provide her clients a unique and layered approach to exercise and nutrition programming.

Sara KosickGrowing up in Boulder, Colorado helped lay the foundation and pique Sara’s interest in health & fitness at an early age.  After completing her masters at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver , Sara implemented the Nutrition Department at Pura Vida Fitness & Spa in 2009 to compliment her personal training career.

Continuing education has led her to specialize in functional blood chemistry, thyroid health, diabetes, women’s health, pre-natal nutrition, food allergies, GI health, endurance training, strength training for athletes, strength training for rehabilitation, and so much more.   As a personal trainer, Sara works with all client levels and goals; male, female, young, old, rehabilitation, pre/post natal, weight loss, sport specific, and enjoys utilizing functional training modalities.

Her study of nutrition and work as a personal trainer over the last 10 years has been an exploration and ever-changing journey.

She discovered firsthand, both personally and through her clients, the undeniable power fitness and food can have on our bodies.  Sara has been able to heal and manage her own hypothyroidism, weight fluctuations, stress, food allergies, and the overwhelming and rewarding task of being a mother of two with appropriate diet and exercise.   Making a positive impact on hundreds of clients, as she helps motivate and navigate the many individualized roads to wellness.

Sara’s practice helps individuals implement behavioral changes, gain strength and lose weight,  and gain knowledge and empowerment around YOUR nutrition and fitness. Her personal experiences have allowed her to connect with her clients on a compassionate level, knowing that everyone is different and everyone needs to find their own sense of accomplishment and strength by first feeling good about themselves.

Sara is available to meet you wherever you are in your health and fitness goals to help you thrive in a better, stronger, happier, more rested, you!


Sara Kosick, MNT, CSCS

Holistic Roots Nutrition, LLC