We are doers, we are disciplined, we wake up at 5 am, we work out, we thrive, we work towards excellence, we want to do more and better.

We are high achievers and like that.

That is a lot of DOING, when we lose ourselves in that achievement track.

I have been doing a lot of deep work on this.

What pushes us – high achievers to wanting more and better? Love? Need to serve?

Uhhh. Yes, it starts from love and service for many of us and then the shadows appear. The shadow of attaching our worth to our achievements.

The issue of that is what I see everywhere – the success does not get celebrated and it is never enough.

I will not go too deep here today, I will be sharing a lot more on this topic because I am in this journey right now and I will be reporting to you the more insights and tap in.

I had a rough start here at the office today. And because I have transformed the way I do things, the way I work, I was able to turn a rough start into an amazing going.

Watch my video below where I share how I honored my need to rest more, even though I had a “list” of achievements waiting for me at my desk.

How less becomes more…

I hope you enjoy the insights.

Love and peace, Alex.

P.S.: Share this page with a friend! I will be dissecting this topic of worth and achievement on my next blogs.

When you honor what the body needs, you get more power.

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