How many times a day you say to yourself, “I should exercise more, I should eat healthier, I should go to bed earlier, I should save more money…” What is your “should”? “Should’s” list create chronic stress, that stress that is bad for us and the one that I call silent stressor. I call that because you might not be aware of what it is doing to you and to your health. This type of stress if not managed well, leads to mood disorders, hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, low sex drive, belly fat and more. That is why I want to make you aware of it.

What is ONE thing in your should list that needs to move to a MUST list right now? Do you know what happens when you keep piling up more tasks to your “should” list? You deplete your energy sources, your vitality and your creativity.

When my clients hire me to help them to become more successful by transforming stress into abundant energy, together we eliminate the “should’s” and by doing that, in only one session they feel more empowered and energized.

You know that I don’t believe in stress-free life. What I believe is in protecting our energy resources – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual because by doing that we have abundant energy to handle the challenges that helps us grow and succeed. Protecting your energy takes awareness about your essential needs, clarity about what you want and discipline to do the hard things sometimes. It takes saying no to someone, missing a late dinner party because you want to rock that meeting with a new client the next morning or refusing that piece of cake.

What my “should” list really cost me? You ask.

It decreases all your four energy sources. Emotionally by triggering shame and lowering self esteem; mentally because your thoughts will be negative or not congruent with your goals; physically by making you crave sugar due the stress or lower vibration emotions – you will seek comfort in food and finally spiritually because you are not taking actions that are aligned with your vision, values or self ideal.

So my question to you is what will the long term cost be on those areas if you don’t make any change today?

You can make ONE decision today that will amplify your energy and unleash more vitality right away. Decisions change our life and they don’t need to be massive and complex. I remember when I decided to work with a coach, I immediately felt more energy. Even though my “problems” were not solved. The energy came from knowing that I was in control, that I took a big action towards changing what was not working anymore. My should became a must and that amplified my energy immediately. 

I want to help you to tap into your highest levels of energy, so you tackle any challenge with strength, courage, creativity and grace.

I know you are already great in everything you do. I also know that we all have areas that we can improve and grow.

I want to support you. I am here for you. Schedule a strategy session with me to see if I can help you in the way you need. it is on me.

You know you want to work with me but you are not ready for a 3 or 6 months commitment? Ask me about my “Powerful Morning” coaching session.

Peace and love, Alex.

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