I have always thought of myself as a very spiritual guided person. I have always believed in high power, in something bigger than us that connect us all. 

Growing up I went to Catholic School, learned how to pray with my Grandmother and I believed in God. 

As I got older I realized that religion and spirituality were two different things. This is what I have found in my studies and experiences: 

In the core of every religion, there is a beautiful essence of spirituality. It is the essence of Love, Inner peace, Grace, Mercy, Devotion, Humility and Kindness. 

As religion became organized, that essence got lost. Religion became separated from spirituality when it became a dogma.

I heard someone say that religion separates, spirituality connects. 

This, of course is a generalization. Religion can be anyone’s philosophy where is deeply seated in spirituality. I find that is really up to each individual to make it so. 

I will admit that these past few years I allowed myself to become weaker spiritually and since the pandemic I got back on the path and I found “home” again, my heart. 

Being a spiritual person has to do with personal responsibility and choices. 

This is where I see the atrophy. Atrophy is weakness, or loss of power, balance  and strength. 

Think of a muscle. What happens when you don’t work it or put in a cast for a week or longer? It atrophies and we compensate that weakness by using other muscles. With that, we create imbalances in the body and pain will be inevitable.

So how spiritual atrophy happens? 

We become Ego oriented and centric. We get attached to beliefs, we seek external events and people to make us happy, we blame others for our unpleasant experiences, we separate by making “me” right and others wrong, we react from our past, we fear the future and we become materialist. 

We also become rigid in the mind and body. We live from fear. Fear of losing our identity, fear of disease, fear of death, fear of loss. The ego needs to attach to something, and the ego hates the unknown and the uncertain. So we form rigid identities, to satisfy the needs of the ego. The problem is the ego is never satisfied, it always want more. 

We are all Spiritual, we are a Soul in a body. When we dis-identify with the personalities and connect with the truth of our hearts, we become our essence, we start living from our soul. We become spiritual warriors, spiritually fit.

The more we live from our ego, the more spiritual atrophy we develop. We feel disconnected, alone, anxious, depressed, out of balance and start to believe that there is something really wrong with the world. We become negative, we lose hope. We get sick because these conditions keeps us way from feeding our life force, our vitality, creativity, love and joy. Life becomes stressful, a struggle and we live in survival.

There is no reason to live in a state of fear, imbalance and disease. 

We have the power. We are light. We are love. We can be constantly connected with an infinite life force of the Universe.

We have the power of Choice! 

We forgot who we truly are and it is time to remember, to come back “home”. 

Home is the Heart, where I believe houses our light, the light of the soul and our life force that connects us with the Universe, the Cosmos, the Field, GOD. 

How do we become Spiritual Warriors? 

It is a journey, a journey back to your heart, to your deepest truth. The truth of who you are. This is the journey that helps us to find meaning and purpose in our lives. 

Start by creating time in solitude and silence. Remove the noise, the distractions. Sit with yourself, and feel your body. Feel your feelings, and what emerges as you sit with your own soul. 

The soul will guide you. Ask. 

Ask and it is given. This is a Law. 

You soul has all the answers. The big question is: 

Do you have the courage to ask and to listen? 

Will you act on your soul’s guidance? 

This is a way to strengthen your spirit – become a spiritual warrior by not choosing what is easy. Choose what is right, what aligns with your heart and your life’s purpose. 

There is tremendous life force inside you and infinite creativity, love and power. 

This life force can heal our bodies, our old wounds, our minds. 

To live your fullest potential you need to be willing to let go the personalities of the ego and go through death. Death of beliefs, death of ideas, death of relationships and death of identifications. And from death, there is Rebirth, a new version of YOU. 

The ego won’t die, it will simply become weak and you can choose to lead from your heart and have the ego “take a nap”, to go off line, because the ego does not love you. The ego only cares about survival. 

Rise, you are a spiritual warrior. You are a creative Spiritual Being in a body. 

When you start living from your soul – your heart, life changes. You will live in a state of joy, love, inner peace, bliss, grace and courage. It is Heaven on Earth. 

I call this the normal, not a life of survival, struggle and stress. 

Start the journey, and if you are already on the path of the deep heart, keep going courageous one! 

Much love, Alex. 

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