For those who are around me a lot know that I have a lot of energy. But something happened this last week that surprised me. My energy was even higher, it has been electrifying, it has been giving me more creativity and enthusiasm more than ever.

You are thinking I must be taking a new supplement, changed my diet, cut my wine, stopped eating chocolate and cheese. Hell no!  I became an American citizen? Yes, that is truth. But I have not changed my diet or quit my hobby of drinking expensive French and Italian wines. Do you really want to know what I did?

I did two things. Two weeks ago a attended a business master mind where for 2 full days we focused on getting ultra clear and laser beam focused on what really matters in our business and in our life. It was super powerful, it gave me tons of energy. The knowing, having a plan for each week, each month for the next 90 days created energy and freedom.  The second thing I did was a session with one of my coaches where we worked on changing my emotions to a new and higher level, and with that we changed my physiology. I practice that 3 times a day every day now. This is something I teach, but having someone working with me is a different story, Every great coach has a coach, that is the truth. Ask the great coaches.

With a great vision, a plan to achieve my vision and a tool to elevate my emotions, I basically became a super woman. And you can too. We all have tremendous power inside us, and one of the reasons I became a coach was to help people to connect with those super powers inside them. SO WHAT?  Why this matters? 

Can these powers increase your bank account because you are more productive and focused? Deepen your relationships because you are more present? Help you lose weight because you can work out so much harder? Have more fun? YES, YES and BIGGER YES.

Do me a favor, I ask you this because  truly care about happiness and heath, because I care about you.

If you energy is not a 10 every day, ask yourself why and make some changes. You are wired to have high energy every day. There are many reasons why your energy might not be the highest, here are the top 4 I see the most:

  • Food, hydration
  • Lack of proper rest and recovery
  • Poor time management, over distracted
  • Lack of congruence with your dream life

Each of these bullets can be a book, there is a lot into it. I am here to help, if you need me.

Peace and love, Alex.



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