“Stress is stimulus for growth.”

If stress is good for us, what is making many executives and team leaders at the workforce fall into exhaustion, depression and burn out?

There is simple answer for a complex issue: energy expenditure and time recovering are completely out of balance.

For 20 plus years I have studied sports physiology and l coached many athletes, weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts how to get stronger, leaner, faster and prevent injuries. In training sessions I tell my clients that they are actually getting weaker, by depleting their muscle tissues, nutrition and energy plus fatiguing the nerve system  – they are stressing the body in order to create the positive results they want. The magic happens when they rest and eat the right nutrients to replenish the body and all the systems . We call that overcompensation mechanism, where performance is improved and the body can take more stress next time. The progression only happens if the athlete replenishes appropriately though. Take an athlete through brutal consecutive work outs for days, weeks and months, don’t feed him right, don’t let him sleep much and add a dose of emotional stress there and exhaustion sets in. At this point recovery can take weeks, this is  called overtraining – too much stress without enough recovery. Repeat this cycle few times and injuries, illness and even depression might occur. Plus with very low energy, it is easy to lose the joy for life. Those days can be long and dark, but the great news is that it is preventable.

We all operate the same way. My audience and clients are very driven individuals – you are a life/workforce athlete. If you want to perform at your very best levels every day, meaning: be fully present with your team during meetings, have positive insights during challenges, be creative, thrive and have plenty of energy left for when you go home to your loving ones you must recovery. Energy mastery is a must if you want to be a top performer and thrive in times of stress.

In my 5 minutes video I share my strategies in how to sustain energy, using the 4 Ps concept:

Protect : defend your schedule, your time. Learn when to say No.

Prepare: learn your essential needs. What does it take for you to perform at your best? Food, water, exercise, recovery and what makes you happy.

Plan: once you know your needs, put these needs on your MUST list, on your calendar.

Perform: it is always showtime. Show up. High productivity equals happiness at the workforce.

I hope this framework helps you to elevate your game!

Peace and love, Alex.


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