• Do you believe stress is bad for you?
  • Is stress robbing your energy?
  • Are you having hard time getting rid of that belly fat because of stress?
  • Are you in surviving mode?
  • Are you just busy and not productive because you can’t focus?

If you said YES to one or more questions, you might be intrigued about the title of my blog and workshop.

I am “obsessed” with the topic of Stress. Why in times of high stress some people thrive, some survive and others get destroyed? This question has motivated me to learn from the top experts in the areas of stress, mindset and happiness. Plus I have 20 plus years of experience in coaching people how to get healthier.

It is time to share this super valuable information with you because I want to empower you with sound and simple tools that will prevent life stressors to affect your health, well being and happiness. “We need stress in order to grow and to fulfill our life’s vision or purpose.”

This is the potential of Stress:

Stress gives us energy. Stress helps us grow. Stress can even boost our immune system. 

How? You ask.

It is all about physiology and psychology.  We have the power to influence both and I am going to tell you how. 

Join me for a powerful 6 hours workshop at Vitalé Studio.

June 10th  – 10 am to 4 pm. 

At this work shop, you will learn: 

  • How to thrive in times of high stress
  • How to stay fit in times of stress and busy schedules
  • 5 habits that will keep you energized all day in times of stress
  • How to recognize when stress has gone bad

Investment: $389

Register by May 25th and save $75. 

Bonus when you register early: 

  • One strategy session with me ($200 value)
  • A copy of my “soon to be published book” about mental fitness
  • Vitalé T-shirt.
  • Access to 10 coaching videos ($100 value. More than 90 minutes of material)

Seats are limited to 12 people. 

Don’t wait until stress starts to make you sick, fat and unhappy. I have solutions for you and you can learn in one day!

Email me right now!

REGISTER today by emailing me at [email protected] 

Peace and love, Alex.

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