Meet the Vitalé Studio Team

Alex Gil

Bronwyn_Fargo_AG_DW_0324Born and raised in Brazil, Alex (Alessandra) Gil has always had a deep passion for movement and play. She attended college in her native São Paulo, where she found time to excel in competitive swimming, volleyball and track while obtaining her B.S. in Physical Education. Alex continued her studies with an M.S. in Sports Conditioning, and during this time began her career as a fitness professional and exercise coach.

After obtaining her Master’s degree in 1995, Alex was called to seek an experience that was beyond Brazil. Her curiosity first took her to San Diego, where she spent five years building her fitness career while continuing to “walk the walk”; her free time was spent embracing a life of constant outdoor adventure, including running, rock climbing, skiing and beach volleyball.

Alex was eventually drawn to Boulder: an international Mecca for outdoor, health and extreme sports enthusiasts. Here, as part of a thriving community of world-class amateur and professional athletes, she was inspired to pursue higher levels of both professional and physical education, pushing herself to become a stronger athlete and a better coach. Alex soon added competitive cycling and mountain biking to her ever-growing list of physical pursuits, joining a highly respected athletic training team.

Then, in 2012, Alex began to explore a different kind of coaching—one designed to nurture the mind and spirit as well as the body. As a successful trainer for more than 20 years, she had seen first-hand how exercise can create both harmony and imbalance, both health and illness. But most importantly, that when accompanied by chronic stress, poor nutrition and emotional disconnection, physical activity can become an energy drain rather than an energy source. With this revelation, Alex began to see herself in a different, more holistic role; she wanted to guide her clients beyond mere bodily strength to a place where their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional lives could seamlessly align.

With this goal in mind, she enrolled in the Holistic Lifestyle Coach Certification Program at the CHEK Institute in San Diego. Founded by renowned holistic health expert Paul Chek, the Institute gave Alex not just critical knowledge in corrective and high-performance exercise, but also fresh insights about what it takes to be an effective coach—and new perspectives on the nature of health itself.

She learned many lessons from her studies, but one stands out above the rest: to be a great coach, one must first master what one teaches.

This principle is Alex’s practice, and the foundation of Vitalé. She does what she loves, loves what she does…and welcomes the opportunity to teach—and to learn—every single day.


Suzan Fleck

MSTCM, Licensed Acupuncturist & Clinical Herbalist

Suzan Fleck, MSTCH, Licensed Acupuncturist & Clinical Herbalist

Health is a lifelong pursuit, as is health education. Suzan began her pre-med studies at the University of Arizona where she studied Botany with focus on local medicinal plants. Her formal bodywork and Chinese medicine study began at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts where she studied Zen Shiatsu(1998) and Whitney Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage certification (1999) and then taught in the Zen Shiatsu program until 2001. Pursuing her love for Chinese Medicine, Suzan studied martial arts, Chinese medicine and bodywork in Beijing, China with Yin Style BaGua lineage holder Dr. Xie Pei Qi in 2000. This study inspired her to complete her Chinese medical training; studying under the tutelage of Dr. Chang Yi Hsiang of Tai Hsuan College in Honolulu, Hawai’i and finally finishing her Master’s degree at the esteemed American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, California in 2008.

Celebrating 20 years in practice, Suzan helps people to reframe their definition of health through a holistic approach to healthcare that embraces the interconnectedness of the body, mind and emotions.

Her practice embraces all ages and walks of life; specializing in orthopedics/injury rehabilitation, women’s medicine as well as chronic conditions such as post-stroke rehabilitation and cancer care.

Each session is tailor-fit to address goals/concerns wholistically, using acupuncture, orthopedic techniques, visceral manipulation, gua sha, cupping and therapeutic herbal formulas as well meditation and relaxation methods.

“Health, or cultivating health and happiness, is a decision we make every day, every moment of every day. In order to identify a root cause to pain, disease or dysfunction in the body, we must first learn the language of the body; learn what all the aches, pains, body signs and signals mean and then learn how to create a lifestyle that cultivates the life we want while addressing imbalances and disease. This is the foundational approach to care that I take with every client.

Using the framework of Chinese medicine, I consider myself a health partner or advocate for my clients. I incorporate acupuncture, herbal and supplemental support as well as a combination of orthopedic massage, visceral manipulation and TuiNa in my treatment plans; but that is only half of the equation. The other half is you; the client engaging in the changes that Chinese medicine can accomplish.

Ultimately, each of us is our own healer, our own coach, our own inspiration. My greatest reward in practice is seeing my clients learn how to take the steps to mastering the balancing act of health by putting into practice the insights they have achieved through our work together.”