Client Success Stories

“The ability to harness the energy deep within me to energize my mind, my body and my life were the unexpected gifts Alex has given me. Accessing this energy has positively impacted my relationships and my attitude. I never dreamed this would be the outcome of our meetings. Before meeting with Alex, I felt fairly happy, decently motivated and somewhat successful. I came to her looking for that missing piece, to bring a little more joy back into a busy lifestyle. It worked! …but it came from within and it was all due to the questions, reflections, expertise and complete dedication to me, by my friend, Alex Gil. I now have the energy and power to live the life a choose. Thank you, Alex.”

Kyle Snyder, First American Title, Longmont

“I began working with Alex just before my twin 18-year-olds were heading off to college. It was perfect timing that Alex came into my life. I was feeling an emotional and physical “let down” from raising my kids. She coached me through this transition with advice on nutrition, self-talk and taking quiet time to reflect and breath. In implementing her teachings, I found more energy and joy in working, as well as, spending time with family and friends. I am more focused and positive in my daily routines. I am grateful for the coaching Alex provided and super excited to have more energy to achieve the success I desire.” 

– Michelle Snyder – Keller Williams, Boulder CO

“Hiring a coach was totally out of my comfort zone. Do I need this? Would this really help?  I’m not sure what I was expecting but this has certainly exceeded my expectation. Working with Alex has helped me to understand how and why I do what I do or don’t do. Understanding your worth is vital in developing those relationships with your clients, (friends and family), improving negotiation skills, and representing yourself as you want to be perceived. Since working with Alex my business has increased 10%, my price point has increased by 10%, and I am on track to end the year at 20% increase. My business to business has been elevated to a new level, and more importantly, I took a vacation (a short one but I took it.) Alex is awesome. She is intelligent, intuitive, and inspirational. Coaching with her is the best decision I could have made.”

Rose Wickwire – STEPS Real Estate, Denver CO

With Alex’s infinite wisdom and coaching talent, she has been able to flip my life upside down but yet to everyone around me, I look the same.  What everyone around me doesn’t know is that every thought I have and every reaction I have is so different from what it was 6 months ago.  My mindset has completely changed and now I feel like I’m living with this little “secret.” A secret of how wonderful my life is going to be from here on. The most amazing part is that my daily life hasn’t changed at all, I still have the same job, same house, same family, same hobbies.  Alex has shown me that I have had the power within me all along to take my existing life and make it what I want it to be. 

I have read hundreds of self-help books and “get-unstuck books” but nothing can replace the value that Alex adds with her individual counseling sessions.  She is a very wise person.  She will change your life at whatever level you are ready for.”

Michelle S.  – Sotheby’s International Realty, Denver CO

“Alex with has been fantastic to work with to fine tune my goals and provide the tools to create an outline for my daily and weekly objectives.  She has an infectiously delightful and positive personality that you must experience if you have the opportunity.  Her deep arsenal of truly insightful and creative ideas and tools have really enhanced my efficiency and improved my key habits for a fulfilled and balanced lifestyle.  If you are looking for a coach or assistance with a specific goal or objective, you need to talk with Alex. You will be ever thankful!”

– Michael-Ryan Senior Broker, Gibbons-White, Boulder CO

“I first came to Alex with a vision of transitioning from having what had become almost two full-time jobs to leave one and focus on my passion within the other, I had no clue as to how I was going to get there… there were obstacles both financially and mentally as well as with my self-talk. Alex was able to help me map things out in a very clear concise way that gave me the strength to better manage the anxiety and stress that I felt buried in. I needed to first be able to see the path of where I was going clearly – she helped me carve that path by setting deadlines and talking about what I was wanting to accomplish; painting that picture in a positive light. 

I realized I had a lot of negativity with myself about what I felt I was capable of, Alex helped me realize and see the other side – it was a mindset shift that needed to happen to better support my own needs and to not allow external pressures and stresses weigh me town as that was holding me back as well. 

What I thought was going to be impossible; adding more things to my schedule! She so calmly but directly walked me through creating non-negotiable tasks for my own personal well being: exercise/reading/art – things that I enjoy and feel are nourishing I couldn’t see how I would ever fit them in!  Over just the first few weeks things became more clear because I was slowly creating little tiny slots of time for myself. 

It was the first few steps of the transformation I wanted to see in myself and I was very proud. Creating a daily “mantra”, writing down my ideas and struggles too allowed for me to see where I could make more progress. I had the strength but had not accessed that part of my brain in some time as I was clouded by stress and anxiety – feelings of being overwhelmed. In the weeks leading up to my first appointment with Alex, I recall having a sense that I was drowning, not being able to breathe when talking with friends about simple things even just go out together… I was in the mindset that if I added one more thing I would just explode and couldn’t handle it. Not one more thing. 

Creating a structure for myself, my schedule and my priorities allowed for me to begin to breathe again, checking in with Alex as needed and meeting with her weekly kept me on track for where I knew I was going now. I took new obstacles with stride and could see how my transition would all come together. I am so proud to say that I set out to meet my goals on time, Alex offered incredible support for me when I felt something was unattainable to remind me that it was “me” creating the roadblock to my own destiny.” 

– Heather, Pilates Instructor, Boulder CO