Are you a perfectionist?

Do you feel anxious?

Do you fear failure?

Is self-doubt a problem for you?

Researcher Lou Salomon, a TED talk speaker said Perfectionism, Self Doubt, Fear of failure and Anxiety are the Fantastic Four of this syndrome.

The good news is, if you already said yes – “that is me, I feel I am a fake, or I am fraud”, you have already achieved a level of success. Nice work.

If you answered YES to the 4 questions above, you are prone to “suffer” with this psychological condition or what I like to call a BELIEF. This term, Impostor Syndrome was coined by psychologists Pauline Clarence and Suzanne Imes in 1978.

So what is Impostor Syndrome?

It is a struggle to recognize our successes and our accomplishments. People who have this pattern tend to say things about their success like: “I just got lucky” or, “It was a mistake that worked”.

They have a sense of ” I don’t deserve the success”.

In my video I share WHY it is important to address this pattern of thoughts and feelings that if it goes unnoticed, it can lead to high anxiety and even depression.

I also share 4 insights to help you starting to release this belief and feel more empowered.

Enjoy the video!

P.S.: And if you are curious about how I can help you to dissolve this belief fast, email me right now and we will have a 20 min call so I can share some insights with you and show you the way to be FREE of this belief.

Break Free from this Belief!

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