I read tons of books, blogs, social media posts…one theme is common among coaches, mentors, trainers – their success. That is great. They inspire me and I model many of them. However there is something I have been looking for and I can not find frequently – a successful entrepreneur talking about the dark days and nights, when the business might be at risk, or they can’t cover the bills, they can’t attract enough clients or they simply feel lonely at times running a business. They mention their challenges in their books or blogs sometimes, but they touch the topic so quickly, like they don’t want to be too open risking being seeing as weak, or not as successful.

I am interested in the stories of how they moved through the hurdles, the days they thought they had to shut down the business, the days of self doubt and fear. What got them moving through that stress with grace, courage and grit. I want to know more about that.

I use an expression that goes like this: “What you ask, you need to be able to give as well.” So it is. I am going to be that coach, solo entrepreneur that will be sharing with you more of my dark days, my fear, my moments of self doubt. Not because I want attention or want you to feel for me, but because I want to be real, I want to inspire other trainers and coaches that might be just starting their business. Maybe they are contemplating quitting their job and start their own thing. I want people to see me more, without the impressive library behind me, my white board with a thought out lesson or scientific words so you know how well read I am. Don’t get be wrong, I will continue doing all that on my popular you tube channel that you are probably already a subscriber. If not, got there right now. There is a lot of great stuff for free that can help you to perform more, have more energy and have more fun!

I built an audience there and I will continue giving a lot of content for free because I believe in serving and engaging with people in order to create relationships. I want to have an impact and that channel is gaining traction.

I created another channel, just today called Real with Alex Gil. Those videos will be live, no rehearsal, no deep thinking before. They will be raw, authentic, REAL. Want to learn more about me and my own process of dealing with challenges that come every day? Go there now and subscribe. You might be the first person, who knows. Maybe no one will care. I just want a place that people can see that I am not a superwoman, that I also get stressed at times and that I feel down once in a while. I don’t feel like a bad ass all the time. I know how to get out that state fast, and with that said I also experience the pain, the negative emotions that most people feel.

Help me to start that channel, subscribe here.

Thank your support and always, attention. I really appreciate you.

Much love, Alex.

P.S.: The picture is me, when I was 7.

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