Do you know that about 75% of all medical visits are due stress? Stress wear many suits. Low energy, low sex drive, weight gain, infections, frequent colds and flus, inmsonia, migraines, gut issues, back pain, anxiety and depression are among the many conditions that stress can trigger. The bad news is that in our western medicine culture these conditions are treated with drugs and with that you get the side effects and more stress. The great news is that these conditions can be, most of the time, prevented or bettered with lifestyle and behaviors modification. In other words, stress can be transformed into energy, success, more happiness and better health.

It sounds complex, but it is so simple that most people become skeptical about the approaches. It is simple to shift bad stress into good stress, however it is not easy. Not easy because most of us are addicted to our behaviors, habits and even emotions. People ask me all the time, how do people change? My answer is always the same: they need to want to change because they hit a point that they can’t take it anymore. They realize the way they are working and living is not sustainable and they are not happy.

I confess, I am obsessed about stress. Just come to my studio and see how many books are about stress and happiness. The reason I am so passionate about this topic is because I learned how to change my behaviors, my habits and my happiness factor. I did not used to be happy. Ask my best friend, she says I learned how to be happy. She is right. I trained myself to handle stress with grace, strength and calmness. Training our brain to function the way we want is just like training a muscle, we find what works and practice every day.

Happiness and stress are in the same sentence because if you ask someone why they are not happy, most of the time they say is because they have a lot of stress and it is non stop, therefore they can’t be happy. That is bullsh** in my opinion because happiness is a choice, a way of living and it involves daily practices and habits.  That is why I teach a 6 weeks program to the work force called “Hacking Happiness”. The program is about debunking the myths about what our culture defines as happiness and I teach teams and leaders how to embrace stress, so they have more energy, more creativity, higher productivity levels and increase their happiness factor. Happy employees make a happier workplace. Everyone wins.

This program is so powerful that I am bringing to my community, at the studio so anyone can attend. I teach the science of stress (without boring you), the difference between good stress and bad stress, how to recognize the danger of good becoming bad, strategies to become super resilient in times of stress and the habits of happiness.

This program is made of neuroscience, psychology of success, mindfulness, holistic health foundations and years of coaching experience. You will have tools that you can apply right way. This course is not just bunch of information that you listen and then  need to figure out how to use. I will teach you what to do do become a bad ass in times of stress. And my hope and expectation is that you embody the concepts and teach your family members, friends and teams at your work.

WHEN: November 4th  – 9 am to 3 pm.

WHERE: Vitalé Studio at 2232 Pearl St. Boulder, CO

COST: $325

Register in the next 48 hours and save $75. 

Bonuses if you register by October 5th:

– 45 minutes private session with me

– A free copy of my new book about Mental Fitness

– A 15% discount on coaching packages (good until December 31st, 2017)

Plus bring a friend and get a free Vitalé t-shirt.

Register by sending me an email with your full name at [email protected]

I would love to see you!

Peace and love, Alex.

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