Do you ever work on something, do everything right and get frustrated that the results don’t come quick enough? And someone just says to you – “Trust the process” and you wonder, how? Or you shout angrily I AM!!!!!

I am laughing here because that angry “I AM” used to be me.

For the first 3 years of owning my business I am pretty sure I was acting like that, in silence, in my own deep anxiety that I was keeping in the closet. Because come on, me? The lifestyle and mindset coach, the super positive one? I can’t be angry, I am always cool. (not really)

For those 3 years I was devouring books, one a week, looking for answers in how to push at the right time as all good high achievers do and when/how to let go and just trust the process. I was desperate for an answer in how to dance in between the GO and LET GO. No book gave me that answer by the way and I still read a book a week. I might need to write that book someday. The difference now is that I am not seeking for that answer anymore because I have found.

That answer was found inside me, within my inner wisdom, in my intuitive mind, in my heart.

I know it sound esoteric and it is the truth.

I realized recently that I have a more scientific mindset and personality that I ever admitted. So, finding this answer inside me was not necessarily natural for me.

I did not do it alone. My angst in finding this answer lead me to seek a mentor, a spiritual teacher and I reached out for help. My teacher’s name is Anne. Anne helped me to drop in, go into my heart and find my truth. She was the one also who helped me to voice my frustration and anger, something I was holding for years. Residue of a boring and lonely childhood was still locked in there – in the form of anger. I was repressing that anger. Repressed emotion is basically a trapped emotion that we are not aware is even there. (stories for another blog)

This blog is not about my childhood. This blog is really about sharing with you what “Trusting the Process” really means. I will try to explain without writing 10 pages on this.

Trusting the process is taking the actions that you know intellectually are necessary to achieve your goal. For instance, eating healthy, exercising daily and having strategies to decrease stress because your goal is to release 20 pounds. Those are the actions.

The process, in this case is about allowing the body to adjust to those actions, rebalance the chemistry and rearrange the physiology so you can let go the extra weight. And here is the magic pill, ready?

You can not attach to the how and the outcome!! Meaning the moment you start asking yourself – When is this going to happen? Why can’t I lose any weight? What is wrong me? Or this plan? This becomes lack of patience, frustration and lack of trust in the process. You are now operating from “lack”, from a place that something is wrong with you. Stress settles in and you block the magic, the divine intelligence of the body and the Universe to work for you. You block the flow of energy and you fight, you push and yet, the results are not there.

I know this well. I done it. That is why I can share this with you.

So what to do?

  1. Make a decision about what you really want. Really want!
  2. Visualize yourself in that place, as you have already achieved that goal.
  3. Feel it, really feel it.
  4. Know the actions you need to take every day and commit to them.
  5. And go on with your life!

When does the baby walk? The baby walks when the baby walks! You don’t stare at the baby every day and put pressure on the baby. You get my point.

Much love, Alex.

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