Yesterday I taught a 90 minutes training session on Values and Vision to a great group of realtors.

When teaching how to determine values on each are of our lives, I use these categories of life:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Fitness and Nutrition

Based on these categories, most people can tell me right away what hey value the most in life. Most say family, career and/or physical health, that is fitness and nutrition.

Our life reveals our values. Where we spend our time, energy and money determines what our highest values are.

Someone asked me what to do when we have a category that is low value and we need to make it a high value.

The easy and simple answer would be take actions on that value. For example, she wanted to make fitness and nutrition a value, she would much rather spend time working because that is what she loves.

Just taking actions to make something valuable is not enough, actions without emotion don’t have produce enough driving force to sustain that long term plan of actions. We need to make it emotional, we know and embody WHY that is important. So how do we do it? b

Watch my 8 minutes video where I tell you how. It is simple.

Connect the dots

Peace and love, Alex.

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