Are you sure you want to go back to your normal? 

Before you say Yes, reflect on this…

Define your normal. 

After having this gift of time ( still in it), this tremendous gift of pausing, what is the normal that you want to go back to? 

For many, they had a great normal – romantic relationships, health, a job that felt like a calling, they were connected with their purpose, their normal was amazing. 

For most people, I will take the risk to say their normal was not that amazing. My normal was good, my normal has been shaken up since last November with personal changes and challenges, so I have been redesigning my “normal” for a while and this pause amplified my attention to this, what do I want my normal to be like?

And with that said, “good enough sucks”, I aim for great, for excellence. 

So back to your normal…

Were you happy? 

Were you living with vibrant health and energy? 

Were you balanced? 

Were you working on a job that you loved? 

Were you living courageously with an open heart? 

Did you forgive those who hurt you? 

Were you living in purpose? 

Did you have a spiritual practice that kept you calm, centered and clear? 

Were you fulfilled? 

If you said yes to all, congratulations!! You have been doing the inner work, you have been living your potential, purpose and passion. Keep it going. 

Be honest, be true to yourself and CREATE your new normal. 

I ask you, I beg you, DO NOT got back to normal, to mediocrity . It would be a tragedy to waste this precious PAUSE and not realign, recalibrate ourselves towards our true potential. 

Don’t fall back asleep, don’t distract, don’t hide, don’t numb your pain because the pain is only there to serve you, to warn you that there’s a better thought, a better emotion, a better state, a better life for you and you just need to open your mind and heart to receive. 

You are brave, you can do this. 

You will still need to be taking actions, and those actions will feel inspired, effortless because they will be driven from love and not fear. They will not be driven from this force that wants you to escape from pain. It will be driven from a power that moves you forward, towards the future you want. Motivation, energy and creativity will always be there from that power. 

We are co-creators. Creators with the Universe, God, Source….you are never alone, never. 

And when you align with this Divine power, miracles happen, your heart opens, your old beliefs – wounds dissolve, syncronicities happen, you experience more joy every day, you will see beauty every where starting by feeling this beauty inside you because you are beautiful, you are powerful and you are magnificent. 

Join me in this movement of creating a new normal that is extraordinary, because we can. 

Love to you, Alex.

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