What has been in your mind? How is your heart feeling during these crazy times?

Are you hopeful? Are you scared? Are you feeling positive? Are you feeling gloomy? 

I want to share with you what is on my mind and heart…

I am seeing so much division right now between people who want to stay locked at home and people who want to get back to work. I remember the division we had when our latest president got elected…but this feels division on steroids, it becomes personal. 

I might be walking my dog outside with no mask and I can’t get few people with masks to say good morning. I feel judged and that is ok. 

People look intense, scared…I don’t see them appreciating the sun, the sound of the birds, the smiles. 

That makes me a bit concerned. 

I am not here to share my opinion, although if you want to really know, contact me. Let’s have tea or wine over a zoom call and I am happy to share with you. I am an open book. 

These are the things that have been crossing my mind about this crisis: 

I am concerned about the FEAR. 

I am concerned about the JUDGMENT. 

I am concerned about the state of our health in USA. 

I am concerned about people who believe in everything that media shares. 

I am concerned about the low levels of emotional, spiritual and mental fitness when it comes to US dealing with a crisis. (literally us and US)

I am concerned about the millennials losing their jobs, incomes and burdening their already worried, stressed out parents. 

These are the things I think about and at the same time, I trust. I trust that all will be OK at the end. 

When I traveled to USA to “find” myself , I was a young 26 wearing a t-shirt that said: 

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

If you are anxious, stressed out, please trust, have faith that all is working out as it is supposed to, the BELIEF that we are going to be OK is fundamental right now. I know some of you might have hard time with this philosophy…that is ok. It is hard to have faith at times, and we must. 

This is so important because as we lean into trust and faith, we can relax , we can release tension, anxiety and stress. We can turn on our creative mind, our deep insights and intuitive mind, and that is power. That is when we are in alignment with divine intelligence. It is our highest power. 

Plus staying in a state of anxiety, worry and fear will weaken the immune system. Our bodies can not fight viruses when in a state of fight or flight. Our bodies need resources in order to protect us. 

So, trust…

Control what you can and relax. Focus on what you want to create, “act as if”. That means book those vacations, set your goals for the rest of the year, hire a coach to learn more about emotional intelligence   and letting go baggage, get a trainer to improve your health and fitness, start that business plan…

Things will change. This will not last. Don’t let this crisis or anyone define who you are and who you want to become. 

Much love, Alex. 

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