Few times I would say: “I give up. I feel so lost and confused.” And tears would just drop down on my face with a posture of defeat…

The beliefs under those feelings are about this law that says “when we want to manifest our desires all we need to do is to focus on the goal, embody the emotions, act as if, and boom! We manifest through the law of attraction.” 

So the numerous times that the law didn’t work meant I must be flawed, something must be wrong with me – I thought. It this is a law, it should always work right? 

The meaning we assign to circumstances cause the suffering, not the circumstances. Make a note of that.

I will honestly tell you about the breakdowns I had in the last 2-3 years. It is absolutely true that we have breakdowns before the breakthroughs, this is not self-help B.S.

There was so much frustration because I was the good student, devoted to all the laws and spiritual practices and teachings of success. And for a high achiever, a person who was so goal oriented like myself, to take actions and have no progress is hard, really hard. I had moments of despair, fear, depression and anger.

As a seeker, I kept looking for answers to my questions. Why this law does not work for me? What is blocking? What is the issue here?  Why works for others, but not me? (That is the victim’s voice) 

After recovering from those breakdowns, still feeling confused, I started asking different questions, because after all if I kept asking what was wrong with me I was going to certainly find that, the illusion of “wrong”. 

I will give you here today my insights about this confusion states, that I am sure few of you or many may share with me. I am not claiming here that I found the truth, or broke the code and I will now write a book about what is missing in all these books about “the law of attraction”. 

I found what resonates truth for myself and if it resonates with you too, great. 

The underground true desire

If you ask me, Alex what is that you want in this life? I would tell you in a broad statement: “I want to live my fullest potential and inspire others to live their best life” 

Years ago I said this out and loud, like I made a pact with the Divine. This is not just an esoteric, deep spiritual vision. My actions confirm this. For those who know me know how dedicated I am to my studies, to learning and growing, to my own personal growth and spiritual development, so I can keep taking my clients to deep places of their own truth. I really believe that in my work, I can only guide my clients as far as I have gone myself. Hence my dedication, it is for myself, my clients and our Planet. This journey has come with many challenges, challenges that came to meet that exact desire – to live my full potential. Be careful what you ask for?

By understanding my deepest want, the law of attraction makes total sense. It works! 

For instance, I worked for a long time on manifesting money, financial abundance. I thought that would be a marker for my success and give the sense “I made it”. I am a great coach!

The money came a lot of times. More than I ever made. I felt the same as before. Then it became, I need to repeat that, make more. The cycle was endless, endless because this money and success  thing is a great trap. It highjacks us from our deepest truth, values and dreams. And yes, some of these dreams take money to realize. The point of this story is not to make money good or bad. Money is energy, currency, neither good or bad. The narrative we put around money can be good or bad, if we choose to use duality. 

The Universe was giving me the whole time exactly what I wanted and needed – lessons that at times would put me down on my knees so I could learn the truth, for myself and also to teach others. The Universe had my back the whole time! 

The Universe saved me! It save me from becoming a person, a coach that was not my authentic self. I only felt confused because I was out of alignment with my vision and the Divine laws. When I am on my path, working on what I believe to be my purpose, there is not fear, no confusion, no despair, no scarcity. 

My final words to you…

I know many of you are experiencing stress from feeling the uncertainty, the unknown that this pandemic amplified. 

This has been the greatest invitation for all of us to learn that certainty, safety and security  are found inside of us. That the more we anchor that idea that we are the certainty, that e are security, the less fear and stress we experience. This is freedom! 

When we place our safety and security outside ourselves, we live in fear-anxiety about losing that safety and security. And the truth is we can lose that anytime. But the certainty in you, all the resources that you have, skills that you possess, the resilience, the strength and the wisdom that you have, no one, nothing can ever take from you. 

You have untapped potential and knowledge. When you start going more inside and connecting with the field of pure potential, you may call Field, God, High Consciousness, Light, Divine, Universe…it does not matter what you call, you start feeling this security, peace, strength, love and freedom. You have all the memories of your ancestors in you, the knowledge that can heal your body and your mind, it is time to remember who you are. 

May the love and light be with you! 


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