Creating change can be hard. The initial journey of creating changes can be challenging and yet, exciting. Exciting because we think about the results we will get with those changes. Like making more money, getting fit, learning news skills in our profession, etc. That is all exciting until we hit the wall, the wall that is hard, tall and we can’t break it, or when we do, another one comes up. We get results and then we don’t, like the yo yo effect, go up, go down and we start building beliefs around that like:

  • I am not smart enough
  • This is too hard
  • It is not suppose to be
  • I am not built for this
  • There is something wrong with me

Who has had these beliefs? My hand is up with you.

The thing is we think these beliefs are new, they are forming because of the proof of the new circumstance not working. Most of these beliefs are old, or they might sound new and have an old old root cause .

When I lead breakthrough sessions with my clients, the old baggage that has all these beliefs held like a magnet holding paper clips comes loose. My client finds the root of that belief and it gets released, the baggage is gone and they get consistent results. Not just that, with the release we feel light, we have more energy and we feel totally congruent because in the session we set clear values and goals. I say we because I had breakthroughs myself as the client as well and now I am the coach. With clarity comes motivation that is sustained.

My limiting belief and baggage was around “I am not good enough”, which is a very common root. For me it came as ” I am not smart enough in business, I am not good at marketing, etc.”. All stories that seemed to be only related to my business, and they were all related to my past.

It is very common for us to want something like make over 200K a year, become an expert in our field, lose weight and be fit or simply set new goals and new vision for your career and then go into full action mode. The actions will pay off a little and sometimes a lot, and the consistency will not be there. Why? Because conscious mind and the unconscious mind are not working together.

One believes you can, the other says you can’t.

In my video I share with you the 4 requisites for change and empowerment, based on the teachings of Dr. Matt James – NLP expert.

  • Release the baggage and limiting beliefs
  • Set goals
  • Take actions and set boundaries
  • Focus on what you want.

Most of us skip the number one and we keep hitting the same walls and the danger of that, we might give up right before our moment of glory.

Peace and love, Alex.

The 4 Requisites of change

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