Many people look at me and think I am this health nut with no pleasure eating sugar or drinking alcohol.

Well, I drink wine with dinner every night and I eat chocolate! And I fell better than ever, at 46.

I am not promoting alcohol or sugar, but I am promoting health, energy and fun.

On my video I share how I take great care of my body like a sacred garden, so I can “afford” the great pleasures of a tasty glass of red wine, chocolate and coffee every day. Sometimes even french fries.

It all comes down to what you do most of the time. If most of the time you eat sugar and drink coffee all day long, then your body is loaded with physical stress. In others words, your hormones  might be out of balance because of the blood sugar chaos. If most of the time you eat healthy  – organic and whole foods, exercise and have peace of mind, a glass of wine will not hurt you at all.

The issue these days, with stress out of control in many people’s lives, alcohol, sugar and caffeine can really hurt the body and the brain. That is why reseting the body/mind is key if you want to live with more balance in your life.

I always ask, before I judge anyone’s life style: how is your energy? Energy is a direct marker of our health. If our bodies are functioning in optimal levels, we have optimal energy. I am talking here about authentic energy, not the boosts of energy that you might get from sugar and energy drinks. I am referring to energy that is sustained for hours, all day when you eat, drink and think right.

More on my video:

Peace, love and chocolate, Alex.

P.S: best choice of chocolate is always dark and organic. If you love your wine too, avoid drinking on an empty stomach so you don’t mess with blood sugar, liver and crave to drink more.


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