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Book Workplace Wellness Coach Alex Gil. She will educate and inspire your team to thrive with the highest levels of energy, health & performance.

As a business owner or leader, do you ever wonder if your employees are working at peak performance? Does your organization invest in your employees’ health and happiness? A recent study conducted at the University of North Carolina found that happy employees solve more problems and come up with more ideas. And it goes without saying: happy people are generally a lot nicer to be around, too.

Every work environment can be a source of stress. The difference between thriving and struggling employees, says Stress for Success author James Loehr is how they approach stress. “The key to success in today’s workplace is not to get rid of stress, but to deepen your capacity to handle it.” Many  forms of stress are beneficial, pushing employees toward positive professional and personal growth. As with physical exercise, when periods of intense exertion are followed by periods of rest and recovery—as with interval training, for example—the body grows stronger and healthier. But when exertion (either from stress or exercise) becomes a constant tide rather than waves that ebb and flow, the body goes into fight-or-flight mode. Biological systems break down. Happiness and productivity plummet.

Symptoms of Excessive Stress:

  • Low energy + vitality
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Frequent colds + illnesses
  • Depression, anxiety + mood swings
  • Accumulation of fat around the belly
  • Pain in the neck, shoulders + back
  • Heart disease + high blood pressure

Workplace Wellness Coach Alex Gil

Workplace Wellness Coach Program

The principles that apply to athletic performance can be applied to professional performance, too. With this workplace wellness program, your employees will learn to maintain high levels of performance and energy for extended periods of time—without compromising health or happiness. When their energy is elevated, your employees will be more present, more enthusiastic, more creative, more efficient, and handle even the most stressful situations with grace. And because life is governed by energy, this positive outlook is sure to spill over into all facets of their lives; they’ll become better spouses, parents and people. It’s one of the best things you can do for your employees.

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