When was last time you decided to become good at something, that in the beginning you sucked and then you got better, stronger, and even became an expert?

Maybe you could not run and now you run 5 miles with ease.

Maybe your cooking was based on just making eggs and toast and now you are a gourmet cook.

Maybe you thought you had ADD and now you can focus, finish reading a book or complete projects successfully.

I was thinking about this 2 days ago when I was running, that 2 weeks ago I could barely run 3 miles under 11 minutes/mile. I was kind of stuck in the place because my running lacked consistency.

Then as soon as I got consistency and discipline to run 3 times a week, in only 2 weeks I was able to run 3 miles much faster and cut my time from 31 minutes to 28 minutes. And better part, felt more relaxed and had more fun!

This is not about my running. This is to prove a point:

Everything is learnable and trainable.


The same way we train our bodies to get stronger, faster, fitter, we can train our mind and emotions.

I am bringing this up because so many people believe they are who they are and they can’t really change. When I hear that, what I really hear is two things:

  • I don’t want to change or,
  • I would like to change and I don’t know how.

I only work with people that thinks the latter.

From very early age, we learn from our environment. Through our mirror neurons we learn by watching and copying what we see our care takers do, say and believe.

By the age of 35, we are fully conditioned. That means we think, act and feel based on our deepest programs seated in our unconscious mind.

And the longer we go operating from those deep programs, the stronger they become. That happens because of a law called the Hebb’s law – neurons that wire together, fire together.

Every thought produces our neurons to fire. Same thoughts every day, same behaviors, same feelings will create neuro pathways in the brain. They are like ruts on a dirt road. The ruts form because cars drive over the same lines over and over. Driving on that rut becomes easier, everyone does. No one is thinking let’s take another path, another way because driving on the rut became a habit, became automatic.

Then one day, we realize that way is not working anymore. And we say that it is the only way we know. Then we ask a magical question:

“What else is possible?” There is another way.

That invites a super power – curiosity.

Jim Kwik, a brain trainer says “Knowledge is power, learning is our super power.”

Curiosity leads to learning.

We can learn anything we desire. We can train our bodies, our brains to become powerful, strong and help us to achieve the imaginable.

I never thought I could stand in front of a group of people and teach about Mindset, Emotional Intelligence or High performance at the work force. And today I do that, and I LOVE it. I thrive on sharing tools and strategies that help people to work better, to do better and be happier.

I trained myself to do that by constant learning. By an obsessive curiosity about how our bodies heal, how our brains memorize better, how I can use language to influence my mind and the mind of others to change.

I did not read growing up, unless I had to because of a school assignment. A regret I have. I wish I was introduced to the books I read now at early age, but no one in my family was reading self help, personal growth books.

I was not a high achiever. I was not an “A” student. I studied enough to just pass. I changed.

Today I read a book a week and I learn what is in the book, so I can teach, help others. I trained myself to learn well.

Everything is trainable.

And what about Emotions?

Calm is super power.

I used to be edgy, irritated and always rushing. Always wanted to be somewhere else other than here.

Today I am chilled, calm, centered. I trained myself.

I was not happy most of my life.

I trained myself to be happy, so I am.

The whole point of this blog is to show you that you can become whatever you want. It it is never too late to change your mind, to make your body stronger, to make your brain more focused and to feel joy, calm every day regardless the external circumstances.

So what do you want to learn? Get better at? What are you doing consistently to get better?

Remember, every pro, every expert was really bad at their art at first until they were seeing as a genius. Overnight success takes 10 years or more.

All of us have the genius in us.

Love, Alex.

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